Cleaning Mode 11.23!

Dear Readers
Today, a group of us took on the role of [CLEANER] (again) in “Hong Kong Real Life”. We would like to share a few thoughts with you.
We would like to thank our readers for their support over these two months. We started this Facebook page end of September. Our aim has always been to share our legal knowledge, in a fair and open way. We are all volunteers who take time out of our full time jobs to work towards this. By doing this, we hope to give our fellow citizens the tools they need to help defend the rule of law, reject all unlawful violence and bring back peace and harmony. Our goal is to foster neutral and impartial understanding of the law. Together, we need build a bridge for the centre to find a voice and to bring together two sides to find a path.
We believe that you found us, just like how we found each other, because of a complete and utter rejection of the violence that is happening on our streets. We discovered early on that to maintain this commonality amongst utter strangers demands compromise, and we need to maintain this commonality so that we can do bigger and better things together. We want an inclusive solution, and we believe that the art of compromise and the finding of common ground is something that is needed, and it is also what we want to show in what we say and what we do.
So how can we all make this happen?
Please keep an open mind and an open heart. Show care and compassion to your friends, family and neighbours. Don’t resort to violence, but be willing to listen and to explain. Try to help change the one sided online conversation to a group conversation in real life. Our posts are not for likes, but to aim to give you the background, the context, and the analytical thinking to have that conversation. Please use it by reaching out to those who can be persuaded.
As I mentioned, a group of us woke up very early this morning to play the role of [CLEANER] to give back to OUR CITY. As one of us joked, “It takes two minutes to destroy, and it takes us two hours to put it back right again.”
The job of rebuilding is going to take a long time. And the first step is to go vote tomorrow. We hope that, together, we will uphold our missions to reject violence, defend the rule of law, love our city and country, and re-build our city again.

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