Are the protesters really fighting for freedom and democracy?

Are the protesters really fighting for #freedom and #democracy? 🤔🤔🤔
In a recent judgment of the Court of First Instance in the case of the court injunction against people #doxxing others on the internet, Mr. Justice Coleman said the following:
On “protesters”:
“I put the word “protesters” in quotation marks, lest it be thought that such unlawful and criminal activity is a legitimate form of “protest” in favour of or against any particular viewpoint. In my view, it is not. To point this out is obviously not the solution to current unrest, but to ignore this fact does no service to wider attempts which must be made to solve the current problems.
On “pro-democracy activists”:
“Nor, incidentally, do I think much of the phrase “pro-democracy activists” beloved of some members of the media, including the international media. The level of violence and destruction now on show in Hong Kong cannot properly be described as a promotion of democracy; rather, it approaches anarchy. Persons who commit such crimes are simply, and properly described as, “criminals”. Criminal activity does not cease to be criminal activity simply because the actor believes himself or herself to be acting for a particular, perhaps higher, cause.”
On the use of violence to promote rights and freedom:
“As has been previously remarked, the promotion and maintenance of the rule of law is not sensibly or rationally pursued by repeated and escalating breaches of the law. Indeed, it is difficult to see how anyone could reasonably or rationally believe that extreme acts of violence and vandalism can further the cause of ensuring the continuation of the core values enshrined in Hong Kong law. Those core values, and the fundamental rights and freedoms, guaranteed by the Basic Law and the Hong Kong Bill of Rights, together connote the broad concept of quality of life and respect for others. Those core values are not protected or demonstrated by the wanton cause or risk of injury and significant property damage to others, or by inciting and encouraging persons to act in that way.”
On perceived erosion of civil and human rights:
“Concern is often expressed, rightly or wrongly, at the perceived erosion of civil and human rights in Hong Kong. Reference is made to bullets and batons, the excessive use of which by definition have no proper place in Hong Kong. But civil society – which envisages the protection and exercise of human rights by persons at the same time protecting and respecting the rights of others – will not be maintained, and is certainly not built, by a barrage of bricks and bombs and burning barricades.”
Do you still think the “protesters” and “pro-democracy activists” are:
 Fighting for your rights and freedoms?
 Fighting for democracy?
 Fighting for the good of Hong Kong?
Ref: Judgement of Mr. Justice Coleman in HCA 2007/2019, [2019] HKCFI 2809 //

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