過去幾個月來,香港的動盪引發了有關香港的法治和公民權利的嚴重問題,也為未來香港的法律教育提出了前所未有的挑戰。 我們希望透過有深度和內涵的教育和研討會,讓市民可以加深對與動盪有關的各樣法律問題的了解,以裝備好自己去幫助修復香港。
A legal forum titled “Hong Kong’s Civil Unrest and Upholding the Rule of Law” was hosted by LawyersHK on 26 November, 2019. We were most honoured to have Ian Grenville Cross SBS, JP, SC and Cheng Huan Q.C., S.C. as our speakers. There were about 130 persons attending the conference.
The civil unrest in Hong Kong in the last few months has raised serious issues concerning the rule of law and citizens’ rights in Hong Kong. It also presents unprecedented challenges for the legal education of future generations of lawyers in Hong Kong. We hope that, through more well-informed education and seminars, our citizens will be able to enhance their understanding of the legal issues relating to the civil unrest and be in a better position to help Hong Kong recover.

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