Sexual assault – False claim?!

【性侵犯 Sexual assault】
7大疑點?Seven doubtful points?🙄🙄🤔🤔
1. You claim a male detainee was gang raped by police at San Uk Ling Holding Centre. Are you in direct contact with him? Have you asked him to relate to you the detailed circumstances, submit himself for medical examination or file a report?
2. You related another person’s story and were not at the scene. Other than hearsay, on what basis are you certain that the alleged rape took place?
3. You claim that a police hit your chest at a police station. Did you make a complaint to anyone immediately at the scene?
4. Have you filed a complaint with the Complaints Against Police Office?
5. Did you ask anyone to send you to the hospital immediately for examination of your injuries?
6. Did you ever request a telephone call to seek immediate help?
7. Have you requested the police to release any CCTV footage concerning your presence at the police station? If no, why not?

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