We received a great letter addressed to Carrie from one of #readers, and wanted to share…

We received a great letter addressed to Carrie from one of #readers, and wanted to share…
Dear Chief Executive of HKSAR and Commissioner of Police of HKSAR,
I am writing to give you my support and vote of thanks for your continued efforts in stopping the violence and, in particular, I give my praise to the police officer who fired the shots at the juvenile delinquents in Sai Wan Ho yesterday morning. We all saw the video of what happened. It was a deliberate group attempt to assault the officer and snatch his sidearm.
Yet at the same time I have a complaint against your inaction in recent months.
I am heartbroken to see the images of the man being set alight by the inhuman acts of one domestic terrorist. This man’s crime? Merely voicing out a difference of opinion. Never has this happened in the history of Hong Kong – people turning on other people by setting them on fire in broad daylight. This is intolerable and is not the Hong Kong we know. And we thought gang beating up of people with different opinions was bad enough. This incident yesterday has now cemented the movement as one of terrorism.
As I write this now, I am seeing video clips of terrorists dropping objects on to moving cars from bridges, striking motorcyclists and cars on highways. Their drops are calculated and deliberately aimed at the moving cars as you can see them adjusting their positions to aim the objects to land on incoming cars. This is nothing if not calculated to cause maximum damage to motorists. Furthermore, terrorists at Chinese University are using bows and arrows now as I saw this morning.
The acts of the past five months have seen escalating violence (the incidents are too numerous to recount) and yet we have yet to hear any practical political solution coming from either the HKSAR Government or the Central Government. We have also yet to hear any practical policing solution to the issue.
What we are also seeing is the undeniable grooming and radicalisation of our youths into extremists. They cannot tolerate different opinions and have a binary view of looking at the world. They have been brainwashed by fake news, social media and various teachers, educational and political leaders. They are fighting for democracy and freedom by trashing the very democratic values and institutions they are supposedly fighting for. They only have one goal in mind with their demands and that is to bring about the downfall of the HKSAR Government. These youths are uneducated and lack a sense of history. They inappropriately use Holocaust imagery and words in an attempt to paint the HKSAR as fascists whilst disrespecting those who died in the Second World War. They use Star of David stickers to affix on to shops which need targeting in a huge insult to the Jewish symbol, history and their people.
As our Chief Executive, isn’t it time you call a spade a spade? We have domestic terrorism taking root and it is time for you to do something about it. You have a legal and moral duty to protect the citizens of the HKSAR. This is your constitutional duty. By not acting, you are giving the message you are condoning these acts of terrorism and that it is okay for them to continue to beat up citizens, set fire to shops and people, cause widespread damage and inflict terror on the people of Hong Kong. Your press conferences are hope crushing to the vast majority of peace loving Hong Kong citizens that are willing you to do something about the situation. Believe me, we are behind you 110% if only you had the courage to act!
A “terrorist act” is well defined in the United Nations (Anti-terrorism Measures) Ordinance Cap. 575. The acts of these “protesters” fall squarely within this definition. I cannot see why you should care about what the international community thinks about Hong Kong being a hotbed for grooming terrorists – it is too late and has already happened. Your job is to restore law and order, not pander to what others think. The international media can already see what is happening in Hong Kong with the man being set alight reported widely across the world. It even made the news to a friend of mine who lives in Arizona. No country in their right mind would allow unrest like this to continue for months on end with no solution. When in the pursuit of a political or ideological agenda the protesters target people and businesses, then it is terrorism. And you have the duty to take action. The world can already see for themselves the extremism taking hold in Hong Kong. These terrorists are using terror to affect our peace loving way of life.
When you label them terrorists, you have so many more options at your disposal – seizure of property, name and shame (like FBI’s most wanted lists), going after known associates of such named people, including those who aid and abet, train, incite etc. This will strike fear to those who dare associate with such people. They need to know they have zero future, zero prospects, zero chance of emigrating if they continue along this path. We should not care how old they are – terrorism is terrorism regardless of age. Right now, even drawn sidearms and live fire have no deterrent effect.
Your present failure to act also sends a message to the world and to our Hong Kong citizens – you do not care about us. Your inaction remind us of Nero fiddling while watching Rome burn.
Therefore, I implore you to take action and deal with these terrorists. Please have the political courage to do what is necessary. You may not have a true democratic mandate to govern, but you are still our leader and need to take decisive actions to restore peace and order. The history books will be written about what you did or did not do during this time in Hong Kong’s history. Please let your legacy be one that your family, Hong Kong and your country, can be proud of.

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