What is踢保(refuse to be bailed)?

What is踢保(refuse to be bailed)?
When a person is arrested by the police and he is not charged and brought before a magistrate within 48 hours (e.g. the investigation is still on-going), the police may suggest to the arrested person that he be granted police bail on certain conditions (usually a small cash sum plus reporting conditions).
An arrested person may refuse to accept such conditions and may insist that the police either charge him or release him unconditionally. This is what is usually called 踢保(refuse to be bailed)。
If the police are not yet ready to charge the arrested person and the arrested person refuses to accept any police bail condition, the police will have to release the arrested person unconditionally.
The police may still continue to investigate the case against that person and may arrest him again in future when the police are ready to do so.
Please note that 踢保(refuse to be bailed) and jumping court bail are totally different concepts!

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